Driver found dead 'was a pleasure to be around'

April 15, 2012 8:38:39 PM PDT
A south suburban driver found dead in his car Saturday is being remembered for his smile and respectful demeanor.

Adegboye Oguntade, 31, of south suburban Lansing, was found near 69th and Racine. He had been shot and his car hit a light pole.

He worked for Jet Livery. The company's co-owner, Famien Morrison, says Oguntade was a pleasure to be around.

"All the time smiling, and also he always had a tendency of calling me, 'Yes, sir' - everything that came out of his mouth, 'Yes, sir'; one time I finally said, 'Listen, this is not an army - just call me Morris like everyone does," said Morrison.

Police say Oguntade was likely shot and subsequently crashed into the pole.

There were no suspects in custody early Sunday evening.