The Weight Loss Coach Charles D'Angelo

April 16, 2012 9:47:40 AM PDT
Losing weight can become an emotional rollercoaster. Take it from Charles D'Angelo, a former 360 pound 17-year-old who lost 160 pounds.

Known now as the "Weight Loss Coach", D'Angelo's new book helps dieters look beyond what they are eating. He joins us now in our kitchen to show us and compare what he used to eat . . . to what he is eating now.

BIO Charles D'Angelo once a former 360-pound bullied 17-year old who has lost 160 lbs has a new book "Think And Grow Thin" which has been endorsed by President Bill Clinton as one of his favorite top three diet books for 2012. Charles knows those who are fat are so, because they think like a fat person. Changing your body won't come simply from just changing what you eat. You have to change your mind. He helps you rebuild your relationship with food ? and you.

Feel the Pain. Get Real. - Go into those depths of sadness, loneliness and isolation you've been feeling. Realize completely that you are in a place you're unhappy with. Close your eyes, focus on where your behaviors will take you if you continue along the path you've chosen till now. Allow yourself to feel this pain.

Get Excited! Define Your Outcome. - The stick alone is not enough; you need the carrot! Set some goals that will stretch you, not break you, and get completely amped up about reaching them! If you're not excited about the journey you are embarking on. Tell yourself each day you are one day closer to eveything you've ever dreamed of! When you become positively obsessed with your goals about what's possible, knowing the only limitations are those in your own mind, you set the gears in motion for series of miraculous events to take place.

Define Yourself as the Person You WANT to Be! Believe You're Already There! - Create a mental picture of yourself exactly as you want to be. You ARE a lean, healthy person -- you just have some fat covering up that lean body. Create a strong mental picture of yourself as lean, fit, energetic and vibrant, and you will begin living a life that matches that image.

Disconnect Food From Emotions. Eat the Same Thing at the Same Time Every Day! - When your body is on a schedule and eating the same foods for each meal each day for the first two weeks, this not only takes away your possibilities for choosing the wrong foods, it completely separates food from emotion. When this connection is broken you have taken a huge leap toward having control of your eating!

Take Charge! Plan Everything. - Every meal is planned and every time you exercise is planned. There's no question about you doing it. This helps eliminate the possibility of spontaneously making bad choices. The best part is, you don't have to think about anything! You can go about your daily life without ever thinking about food.

"He-tox" or "She-tox" ? Stop living for everyone else! Take two weeks to make yourself the absolute priority.

Be in the moment -- When you are with your partner, friend or child, do not divide your attention. Really listen to what the other person is saying. Concentrate on doing one thing rather than trying to do 20 things at once