Rasmussen prepared for summit progress

May 19, 2012 (CHICAGO)

So it was as Anders Fogh Rasmussen did the 5K this morning the day before the 25th NATO Summit convenes on Sunday.

"This summit will be a summit that demonstrates NATO's role as a hope of a network of international security partnerships," Rasmussen told ABC7. "That's also the reason this summit will be the largest summit in the history of NATO."

World leaders include president Zadari of Pakistan who arrived yesterday in Chicago, but was only recently invite to assist discussions on NATO forces moving out of Afghanistan.

"It's important to engage Pakistan," Rasmussen said. "Pakistan is important when it comes to the fights against terrorists in the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan."

The secretary general says NATO leadership is also in discussion with those outside of the summit. He says and we have confirmed there was meeting with the asst secretary general and protest organizers.

"They had an opportunity to convey their messages in very clear terms to a high-ranking representative of NATO."

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