Runaway juror fined $300 after Cancun getaway

August 30, 2012 (MILWAUKEE)

Twenty-year-old Ivana Samardzic was a serving as a juror in a felony case in Milwaukee. But, when the case ran a little longer than she thought it would, she called the jury foreman and left her vote.

Then Samardzic hopped on a plane to Cancun for a family vacation.

"I didn't mean any disrespect to not come Thursday," Samardzic said. "It was planned like six months ago. And I work part time. And I really worked hard for that, to save a lot of money."

"Your act was selfish, and there's no other way to characterize it," said Milwaukee County Judge J.D. Watts.

The judge says, if Samardzic had just spoken up earlier, she could have been an alternate juror. Instead, she now has to pay a $300 fine.

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