Police search for suspects in armed robberies near UIC campus

October 10, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Police say one of the victims was kidnapped, the other beaten.

The most recent incident happened Monday in an alley near Western and Harrison, the other on Sunday near Racine and Taylor.

The victim was walking down the street, agreed to jump in the car with the driver stopped, invited him in.

Two other men robbed him at gun point.

That was just the first of two incidents involving UIC student this week.

It is a vibrant campus in the middle of a busy urban neighborhood.

Students routinely get e-mails from campus security warning of crime in the area.

The most recent got the attention of many students because it involves violence.

"Like getting hit in the face with a handgun or being kidnapped, that is too far," said UIC student Grace Furlan. "It is one thing to have your stuff stolen. It happens, obviously. That is like a whole other level."

Early Sunday morning a student got into a white Chevy Impala.

Once inside, two men forced the student into the back, pulled a gun and stole a laptop computer, iPhone and credit cards.

The driver dropped the student off some distance away.

Monday night in the alley near the 700 block of Southern, a single gunman approached the student on the way home, struck him in the head with a gun and stole his cash.

Neither was injured, but fellow students are concerned.

"It is eye-opening," said Charanya Sundar. "Keep an eye out for things and make sure that it does not happen to me."

Both incidents happened off of the UIC campus.

Police have general descriptions of the suspect and do not believe the two incidents are related.

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