Hostage suspect surrenders after residents evacuate

November 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

This all played out near 31st and Archer Friday evening.

A shirtless suspect is in custody ending a hostage stand-off that rattled the McKinley Park neighborhood.

"This is like a shocker to know that something like this is happening in the neighborhood," said resident Felicia Quintero.

The hostage situation took place in a spa on the first floor. Sam Gonzalez lives on the third floor.

"Our neighbor happens to be an officer as well, we asked him what was going on (and) he said it was a domestic situation, so we decided to take off, head on out and spend our evening elsewhere," Gonzalez said.

Police officers say the man entered the business on Archer Avenue, got upset, and then held the woman against her will.

Police immediately swarmed the area and the situation ended without incident.

"We never hear about anything like this happening, never this close to home," said resident Maria Cortez.

Chicago Police are still processing the suspect. His name has not been released, nor what charges he may be facing.

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