Chicago bracing for biggest snowfall of year

February 4, 2013 2:27:09 AM PST
Snow began falling in parts of the Chicago area Sunday night and Monday morning's rush hour commute could be a mess.

This late in the winter season, some people scrambled to be sure they were ready to deal with what is expected to be the heaviest snow so far this season.

Few people know the dangers of driving in the snow like truck drivers do.

"You have to keep an eye out for everybody," said Danny Asleson. "You have to keep an eye out for the truck, but everybody else's car, too."

Expected to start in earnest late Sunday night and into Monday morning rush hour, spokespeople for both streets and sanitation and the Illinois Department of Transportation are monitoring the coming snow for an indication as to how best to deploy their salt trucks and plows.

Meanwhile, anticipating not just weather related problems, but post-Super Bowl ones, the Illinois State Police is increasing its patrols on the Dan Ryan and the Eisenhower Expressways.

"We're concentrating on the fatal four, the Illinois State Police fatal four, which is seat belts, driving under the influence and distracted driving," said Lieutenant Jeff Pfotenhauer.

Earlier, at the Home Depot on Elston, people stocked up on cold-weather supplies, like firewood and salt, in some cases for the first time this year.

"It is a little weird," Sean McKey said. "I bulked up last winter and had some leftover, haven't had to restock till now."

The main concern is on the roads however. For motorists unused to driving in the snow over the last year, the key Monday will be caution and patience.

"I was in the car sliding and skidding around, but if you're from the city, you understand what this means," said motorist Craig El. "You leave 15 minutes early, you give yourself a little extra time and you are a little more careful."