Baby born in parents' van in Cicero doing well

February 27, 2013 3:01:29 PM PST
It's been a little over a month since Aiden Morales was born was born in his parents' van at a Cicero gas station.

His birth was rather unusual. Aiden Morales was delivered by his father, Hector Morales at a gas station in Cicero.

Several weeks later, baby Aiden is perfectly healthy and his three-year-old brother Ian is thrilled to be a big brother, although he doesn't quite understand what all the fuss is about.

Hector Morales' fiancée Kathryn Engel waited a little too long to leave home for the hospital after she started having contractions.

"He's gained a lot of weight. He's a big boy. He likes to eat," Engel said. "I was pushing in the car and after about 10 minutes I yelled the baby was going to come and he should pull over."

Upon calling 911 the dispatcher directed the family to a nearby Marathon Gas Station where police were present responding to an earlier accident.

Hector Morales barely had time to explain what was happening.

"I could hear her pushing. I just ran to the back, the baby's head was coming out," he said.

Aiden is the couple's second child and neither of them panicked during the birth.

"It really is to me one of the most natural things. It's instinct. I was just going on instinct," Engel said.

For Engel and Hector Morales, the unusual circumstances were a bonus. It made telling friends and family about the birth a lot easier.

"They already had a picture. We didn't have to do birth announcements, we're set," Engel said.

"It's all on the internet. He can read about it, go to the links any time," Hector Morales said.