Protesters call for end to deportations

March 10, 2013 2:56:03 PM PDT
Protestors marched through Chicago's West Side Sunday calling for an end to deportations.

They started at Union Park and walked to Federal Plaza. Some of those taking part say that while Congress and President Obama's administration talk about immigration reform, deportations are still taking place and families are being separated.

Among those marching Sunday was a brother and sister who say they were brought to the United States from Mexico as children. Both say they have been deported and separated from their families.

"There are human beings," Miriam Perez said. "It's very sad leaving the country and you cannot come back at all not even to not even see them. It's hard you because myself I've got three kids now. It's hard for me and if the law changed and they tried to deport me my three, my kids what's going to happen to them?"

Sunday's march was part of a month-long series of events called Coming Out of the Shadows, in which people are urged to publicly state their immigration status.