Dog photobombs every Craigslist photo of Lakeview East apartment

March 25, 2013 12:10:05 PM PDT
Looking for an apartment in Lakeview? How about one that's pet friendly?

PHOTOS: Dog photobombs Craigslist posting

Where's Fido? A photobombing dog shows up in every picture its owner posted on craigslist of a Lakeview East apartment.

The dog's seen peeking out from around corners, under the kitchen table and behind the bed. The dog is shown in all six photos advertising the "large 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment on the top floor of a courtyard building" on In one photo, he's curled up next to the dining room table. In the other, just his ears show.

The $1,900-a-month apartment, which is available on June 15, is the owner writes, "Pet friendly!!" Obviously. Just look at this guy.