Lollapalooza 2013 wraps up in Grant Park

August 4, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Lollapalooza 2013
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The music has come to an end and the party is over. Festival goers as well as organizers have gotten savvier about how to get through the weekend and this year, the weather was on their side.

More than 30 hours of live music and tens of thousands hung in until the end.

"We've just been going," said Stacey Niao. "You can't be tired on a three-day concert. You have to go hard all weekend."

"We've seen a lot people," said LeighAnn Hranka. "I saw someone passed out at the ATM. I saw people sleeping on the fences. You really have to pace yourself or it's not going to be fun

Father and daughter music fans say the three days was too much. Next year they will do just one day.

"We were running on Friday, Saturday we slowed down," said Jaime Alanis. "Learn to handle it a little better. You get experienced after a while after awhile."

"I'm the fast walker but he's good at weaving in and out the crowd. So we make a good team I guess," Lauren Alanis said.

With 100,000 people each day most were out for good clean fun, but Chicago police say there were at least nine drugs arrests, including one man charged with manufacturing or delivery more the 15 grams of ecstasy.

Sources said that there were fewer who needed medical assistance than in years past and credit the cooler weather.

"Everybody is talking about the weather as if there if nothing else to talk about, but it is such a phenomenon to be out in this beautiful, beautiful weather," said marketing manager Lindsey Hoffman.

The good weather may also help reduce the footprint of Lollapalooza.

Last year heavy rain and hard dancing lead to the organizers to pay to re-sod parts of Grant Park.

At one point the park had to be evacuated for the threat of dangerous storms.

"We monitor the weather very closely on site and there were a few times were there were false alarms for rain," Hoffman said. "A storm is coming in 15 minutes, it's going to last thirty minutes and it just pasted over. So I feel like the heavens smiled on us this year."

Columbus Drive is expected to remain closed through 4 p.m. Monday in time for the afternoon rush hour.

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