Dog making amazing recovery after mutilation

August 21, 2013 (TEHACHAPI, Calif.)

Zach Skow of "Marley's Mutts" recently rescued the French Mastiff, named Hooch. Skow and his staff noticed that Hooch was unable to eat, so they brought him in to an animal hospital for X-Rays. What they found absolutely shocked them.

Hooch's entire tongue had been cut off, even at the base. Skow says he couldn't believe that Hooch had lived without his tongue for so long.

"He can't regulate his temperature or clean himself," Skow said.

Hooch has a feeding tube now, and is being fed about five cans of dog food per day to get his weight back up to normal levels.

But despite his suffering, Skow says Hooch is one of the most loving dogs he's ever taken care of.

"I'm used to dealing with dogs who have been through trauma, and it doesn't go well," Skow said. "He's just the most mellow, content, happy dog. No grudges, no resentment."

Skow and his staff will begin trying to find new ways to feed Hooch in a few weeks once his feeding tube is removed. They expect to start looking for a "forever home" for him after a couple of months.

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