McDonald's food stamps recommendation comes from 'McResource' hotline call

October 25, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The call to McResources was released by the advocacy group Low Pay Is Not OK.

Nancy Salgado, a 10-year employee at a Chicago McDonald's, makes $8.25 an hour. The so-called "McResources" operator pointed Salgado toward a number of resources, such as food pantries and Medicaid.

"It was a hotline that said they could help us, so I was expecting to see what help they provided. I never expected them to redirect me to government assistance," Salgado said. "I expected a way for them to say, 'We can provide with this and help you with your needs.'"

The news of the McResources hotline comes after a report found more than half of all fast food workers rely on public assistance, which costs tax payers $7 billion a year.

McDonald's said the McResource line is "intended. . . to help employees and their families get answers to a variety of questions or provide resources on a variety of topics, including housing, child care, transportation, grief, elder care, education and more."

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