Amundsen High School's viral video brings pride to school

March 27, 2014 (CHICAGO) >

"It was a great way of showing Amundsen is different," Monica Gonzalez, senior, said.

"I think it was a great thing for school, people see it as something other than a bad school in the past," Aaron Chambers, sophomore, said.

In a city where people are often judged by the neighborhood where they live, students said this video shows the world they are more than a perception.

"When I started freshman year, not such a good school. Now, kids are in all kinds of clubs, really a good thing," Jocelyn Cortez, senior, said.

"it shows how diverse how amazing the school is it shows all different parts of the school," David Sullivan said. Sullivan came up with the idea for the video in his film club meeting. "I really like the song appropriate made everybody happy when we saw it."

He had no clue the impact it was going to have…

"I was walking up to kids teachers do you want to dance? They're like what do you mean do you want to dance?" he said. "Almost all the administrators danced, very entertaining once people started dancing."

What has the video done for school spirit?

"I think it's made students more proud of the school where they're from," Zachary Turton, sophomore, said.

"It's an opportunity for people to get a peek inside the walls of the school and to see what's really going on," Principal Pavichevich said. "Students are more than their ACT score, they're a compilation of their talents, passions and contributions to this school."

After ten years on probation status, Amundsen High School worked hard to turnaround the school and improve student performance. Officials just learned the school is no longer on probation with the district.

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