Teen girl shot, killed by stray bullet while playing video games at SC home

Thursday, July 28, 2022
Teen shot, killed by stray bullet in SC home
A Cheraw, South Carolina shooting killed a teen girl, who was playing video games at home.

CHERAW, S.C. -- A South Carolina community is devastated after deputies said a 13-year-old girl was shot and killed while playing video games inside her own home early Tuesday morning.

According to investigators, the gunman drove to the house in the Cheraw, South Carolina area with an assault rifle, walked up and just started shooting. The teen was in her room with a younger sibling when the bullets started flying, WSOC reported.

"It's very painful for me as a leader in this community and for the people in this community," said Steevenson Pierre, president of the Cheraw Branch of NAACP. "If you not safe at home, where else can you be safe at? From what I understand, the 13-year-old girl was not the target. There was another person at the house they thought was at the house."

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"They were shocked at the whole situation. Sometimes I feel like they think it's just a big game; let's just go take our gun, and let's just shoot," Chesterfield County Capt. Wayne Jordan said. "Once your life's over, it's over. You don't start the game over. These kids do not comprehend, do not comprehend what they're doing."

Pierre said he hopes to launch a mentorship program soon to start impacting young people before they get involved in crime.