Chicago Actress Fawzia Mirza Writes/Stars in Indie Film "Signature Move"

Fawzia Mirza is a Chicago actress, writer and producer. A former lawyer turned actress - Fawzia is passionately telling her story, and trying to break down stereotypes through humor. Her web series Kam Kardashian tells the fictional story of the "other" gay Kardashian (she produced this before Bruce Jenner came out as transgender). She plays Donald Trump's illegitimate Muslim daughter in the mockumentary "The Muslim Trump" and now she's starring in, and has co-written the new indie film "Signature Move." It's about a Pakistani Muslim lesbian lawyer dealing with finding love while still living with a very traditional mother.

Fawzia visits WCL to talk about her new movie and breaking down stereotypes through humor.

Official website for "Signature Move:"

"Signature Move" opens in Chicago at the Music Box Theatre with a special preview screening on Thursday Sept. 28th at 7pm. The Red Carpet Premiere is Friday, Sept. 29th at 7pm. For movie times and tickets, visit the Music Box website:

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