Pillow Talk: Turned Off

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In Windy City Live's "Pillow Talk," the co-hosts answered a letter from Elaine from Chicago. (WLS)

Elaine from Chicago wrote: "I met a really nice guy last June in Starbucks. It started off slowly, but by August he said he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship... We're still going strong, but I have something that's nagging me. When he stays over for the weekend, or when we're out for dinner, he turns his phone off. Initially I assumed he didn't want to be rude and/or he wanted to give me all of his attention... I think it's slightly suspicious for him to have his phone off the entire time. I shared with him my thoughts..., but he thought I was being ridiculous. We've been together for 7 months now and I think the phone being on silent when we're together is not acceptable at this point. Am I being ridiculous?"

Val, Ryan, Ji and Roe Conn weighed in.

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