Tips to keep kids' eyes healthy amid virtual schooling

Windy City LIVE
Friday, September 4, 2020
MyEyeDr. CMO shares tips to protect kids' eyes from added screen time
With kids returning to school virtually this year, their eyes will need extra care and protection.

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Kids will soon be back in class, virtually, and with all of that extra screen time, those eyes need even more attention. MyEyeDr. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Artis Beatty has some tips on how you can protect your kid's eye health that also can apply to the health of your own eyes.

MyEyeDr. Tips on How to Reduce the Impact of Harmful Blue Light on Your Eyes

-Wear your latest prescription.

-Give your eyes a break.

-Make the 20-20-20 rule a habit.

-Schedule an annual eye exam.

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