Local Meals on Wheels organization reacts to Trump budget cuts

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There are growing concerns about President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget. Some say if the spending plan is approved, it could cause serious harm to the most vulnerable.

If you think packing a lunch is a big deal, try making thousands. Open Kitchens prepares 6,000 meals a day for Meals on Wheels clients.

Teri Fiore has been at the helm of Open Kitchens for 30 years and she is troubled by talk of possible budget cuts to the program by President Trump.

"I haven't slept I mean I feel horrible about it. It's very sad. We've already gotten calls from people who are very upset and who are concerned am I going to get my food," Teri Fiore, Open Kitchens, CEO, said.

Open Kitchens delivers meals to 4,500 seniors in the Chicago area and there is a wait list of even more seniors who want that help.

"When you see people going from sickness to health it's the greatest thing you can do," Calvin Harris, Open Kitchens, home delivered meals driver, said.

Harris has been delivering meals to seniors for over 30 years. Harris hopes the program remains as it is. Because for him, it's personal.

"Our priorities are kind sort of messed up because I'm proud of what I do because we are giving life, giving respect, giving dignity to our clients to our senior citizens," Harris said.

Harris fears any cuts to the program could be matter of life or death as he is often the only person connecting his clients to the outside world.
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