Indiana nears 20 'Safe Haven' baby boxes for surrendering newborns

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Thursday, January 2, 2020
Indiana nears 20 'Safe Haven' baby boxes for surrendering newborns
Indiana provides special "Safe Haven" boxes where parents can surrender babies anonymously.

Ind. (WLS) -- Indiana is getting more of those potentially life-saving baby boxes for surrendering newborns.

The containers with a door allow people to anonymously leave newborns at firehouses. An alarm sounds to alert on-duty staff.

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In December, a healthy newborn baby was surrendered safely into a Safe Haven Baby Box that had been installed a month earlier. The Safe Haven Baby Box was installed November 1 on the north side of the Crown Point Fire Department fire station located at 126 N. East St.

That baby was the fourth baby surrendered in a baby box in the past two years and the second to be surrendered in the past 91 days, according to Monica Kelsey, CEO and founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

"This box represents no shame, no blame and no names," Kelsey said.

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A baby box was dedicated at the fire station a few miles east of Fort Wayne in New Haven. Another baby box was dedicated at the Columbia City fire station.

Indiana now has 19 baby boxes.