Students and staff of new Valparaiso school paint mural

VALPARAISO, Ind. (WLS) -- In Valparaiso Wednesday, students and staff of a new elementary school came together to paint a mural for all to enjoy once the school opens.

"Kids are dancing, and kids are painting. People are getting to know each other and we're building a family," said Principal Bonne Stephens, Heavilin Elementary.

"There's really good people here," said Drew Kristoff, fifth grade student.

Several students from three schools will come together as one next year.

"It's about our new school Heavilin, and how we're supporting that," said Ava Hearn, fourth grader, of the mural.

Heavilin Elementary is a brand new building ready for 450 students in August. Wednesday night students and staff painted a mural together, square by square.

"You just have all these different creations getting put on in the school. There's going to be tons and tons of different paintings," Kristoff said.

"They match together with other ones, that's what I think. They put them all together and it makes this huge mural," said Hearn.

There are 500 little panels to which students added their own creativity. When they put them together, they'll make a larger mural.

"I think it's going to be a beautiful masterpiece when they all put it together," said Julian Middlewborn, fourth grader.

A beautiful fantasy painted in one night by one school family with one new mascot and logo.

"The V represents Valparaiso, and the Viking hat represents our Vikings," Stephens said.

It also represents a new school spirit.

"It's exciting for me because I get to meet new people," said Hearn.

New friends, a new family and a new mural for the cafeteria wall.

"I hope when they walk into school on that first day of school that they see that mural on the wall they are a part of something bigger," Stephen said.

A school community made of unique students.
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