Val, Ryan talk 'Wicked' on Broadway in Chicago, new movies and Bears game predictions

Also, watch as Chicago Public Schools students learn dance moves in a special flamenco class!

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Friday, October 7, 2022
Windy City Weekend: Host Chat
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Do you like to plan dates, and then you suddenly "can't make it?" Then you might be into "only planning."

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on Windy City Weekend, it's almost Ryan's birthday! He's celebrating the morning with a few birthday surprises and of course, his favorite, Host Chat!

Do you like to plan dates, and then you suddenly "can't make it?" Then you might be into "only planning." A survey polled people to see what silly trends people are taking into their dating lives in 2023.

Also, should food labels list how much you should work out to burn the calories?

If you picked up a cake at the store and it said you would have to exercise for three hours to burn it off, would you still buy the cake? A new study is trying to see if people become more conscious of calories in food items if they can see how much exercise they'll need to do afterwards.

'Wicked' on Broadway

The award-winning Broadway musical, 'Wicked,' is back in town at the Nederlander until Dec. 4.

Experience the national phenomenon in an exciting, immersive and magical way! Grabs your tickets before it's gone at

Flamenco dancing

Ensemble Español has been dazzling audiences on some of the biggest stages in Chicago and around the world, including Poland, China and Mexico. In residence at Northeastern Illinois University for the past 47 years, Ensemble Español Dance Theater is Chicago's longest running Spanish dance company, with 28 members strong. Through captivating performances, they promote Spanish dance like flamenco along with the history and culture associated with dance. Luis Beltran Ureña and Abigail Mosquera, as well as other members of the Ensemble Espanol, give beautiful performances and showcase what Ensemble Español has to offer. Luis explains the romantic folklore story attached to the castanets and shows off the boots that pound out the beat. Ensemble Español also teaches this art form and its history to Chicago students of all ages. We watch as Chicago Public Schools students learn dance moves from Luis in a special flamenco class.

Bear-ly accurate predictions

The Chicago Bears suffered a "giant" loss against the Giants last week. But more importantly, Ryan's "Bear-ly accurate" prediction came true!

Can he "stay on target" this week for the Vikings game and add another win to his board?

Tune in each Friday for a new prediction, and make your own list to see if you can beat Ryan's record this season!

Spend or Save?

"Amsterdam" - SAVE

"Amsterdam" is a star studded film set in the '30s, where three friends witness a murder and become suspects.

"Alaska Daily" - SPEND

Two time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank stars in "Alaska Daily" as a former big city reporting star who got canceled, and is now working for a small paper in Alaska.

"The Redeem Team" - SPEND

"The Redeem Team" is a sports documentary about the 2008 U.S. men's Olympic basketball team that included LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and the late Kobe Bryant.

"Punch 9 for Harold Washington" - SPEND

"Punch 9 for Harold Washington" is a documentary about Harold Washington's legendary victory in the 1983 Chicago mayoral election.