Expert tips to navigate higher prices at gas pumps, grocery stores amid inflation in US

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The receipt from your next outing may result in sticker shock as inflation continues to cause rising grocery and gas prices.

Garrett Boorojian of WaveCapital Partners has expert tips for consumers to keep the cost of necessities low as inflation continues:

  • Buy in bulk: There is no need to panic and clear out shelves of toilet paper like in March of 2020, but buying in bulk when you can is cost-efficient.

  • Buy non-perishable or frozen: Purchasing food that is canned or can be frozen will stretch your dollar as well as your meals.

  • Shop around: Price points of items might vary from place to place, especially when coupons are available. Maybe get meat at one store and produce at another.

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  • When it comes to the gas pump, use apps to find deals.

  • If it's an option for you, work from home as much as you can to save on transportation costs.
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