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Trey"Da Choklit Jok"-Host of the Trey the Choklit Jok Morning Jumpoff on Power 92 Chicago

Trey knew as a young boy that he would be a highly-successful radio DJ. When he was only ten years old, he would close his room door, play tapes, and talk over the beginning of the songs. Before heading for Jensen school on the West side, he would wake up at 5:00 a.m. to listen to the live remotes so that he could learn how they did it. His early heroes included Doug Banks, Herb Kent, Tom Joyner, and Jammin' Dave Michaels.

Continuing his education at Lane Tech High School (class of 1997), he never stopped pursuing his dreams. There was a small radio station without a strong signal called "106 Jamz" (also available as a simulcast on 950 AM). He used to call the "Madd Flava" morning crew every morning and act crazy, trying to find a way to be on the radio.

Columbia College accepted him into a summer program through which high school students could receive college credit for classes taken while they were still in high school. The college had a small 100 WATT radio station WCRX with a DJ named "The Jock-Jock Kevin Morrow. Our speaker spent a lot of time with him and discovered that he called himself the jock-jock because he played sports and he was on the air. This gave our honored guest the inspiration for his radio nickname. Because of his complexion, he started calling himself the "Chocolate Jock."

At the age of sixteen, our speaker called Rick Party, the night host of WGCI to express his interest in going into radio. On June 7, 1996, our guest was allowed to" walk the post" for the Montell Jordan song "I Like." "Walking the post" means that the DJ talks over the intro or beginning of a song and as soon as the DJ stops talking, the singer starts singing. Rick let our speaker host the rest of the countdown, all the way up to number one.

Although Rick eventually left for a job in Atlanta, our guest continued to hang out with other people at the station. With help from the First Lady, he put together a demo tape for a contest, which he won. Between January and June of 1997, he had a weekly segment called "Tha High School Hype with Tha Chocolate Jock" on "The Bad Boys Show Monday nights at 7:45.

After his high school graduation, he attended Columbia College and by February had his own show ("Chocolate City with the Chocolate Jock" from 9 to midnight) on their station WCRX 88.1 FM. He was one of the few freshmen so honored. Several promotions followed quickly – a five hour show from 7 to midnight, a position as associate produce, a Friday overnight solo show, the Saturday night show, and the Sunday night show. It was during this time that he chose the name "Trey" after watching the movie Boyz N the Hood.

In early 2001, Crawford Broadcasting, after years of religious programming, decided to turn 92.3 FM to hip-hop. They hired Jay Alan, music director at WGCI to be the program director. Jay presented the opportunity of doing nights to our speaker, and he happily accepted! God has blessed him to continuously hold down nights in the third largest market. He is planning to establish a foundation to benefit inner-city youth who are interested in going into the field of broadcasting.

He has more surprises and things up his sleeve, so stay tuned!

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