2nd bystander dies after 4 shot in Greater Grand Crossing; police continue search for 2nd shooter

Suspect Trivell Pruitt facing murder charges for 1st innocent bystander killed

Saturday, March 2, 2024
2nd bystander dies after 4 shot on South Side; 1 shooter in custody
A second bystander, Jon Rucker, died after a Greater Grand Crossing Chicago shooting. Suspect Trivell Pruitt faces charges for Simon Brown's murder.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Greater Grand Crossing community came together on Friday night to pray for peace and to discuss an action plan for reducing violence in the city.

This all comes after a second innocent bystander who died Wednesday following a shooting Monday at 71st and State Street was identified as 47-year-old Jon Rucker.

The worship prayer was held at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church to pray for the families of the two innocent bystanders who were shot and killed Monday in Greater Grand Crossing.

Rucker and 59-year-old Simon Brown were shot Monday evening near 71st and State streets.

Brown was buying a lottery ticket for his wife when he was shot and Rucker was hit while using a nearby ATM. Brown died at a hospital and Rucker died on Wednesday.

The meeting was filled with emotion as people rallied around Brown's son, Simon Brown Jr.

"I've really not felt alone since I heard about it. I've always been supported, now especially by the community," Brown Jr. said.

Brown Jr. says he'll move forward with the strength of his father watching over him.

"As they were praying, I was getting the image of him sitting up there looking down," Brown Jr. said. "Whenever he was going through something, he'd say, 'I'm alright man.' That's all I kept hearing him say that."

Police said 53-year-old Trivell Pruitt was charged with first-degree murder connected to Brown's death. Investigators said he exchanged gunfire with another man after an argument. Brown and Rucker were struck by the gunfire.

Pruitt was among two others shot. Police are still searching for the second shooter, who allegedly injured Pruitt.

No murder charges have been filed in connection to Rucker's death. Chicago police did not have immediately have an update on charges on Friday night.

Hall is hoping his South Side community uses its faith to work together to reduce violence during a worship and action gathering set for this evening at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church.

"We are together. We will get through this," said Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church Pastor John T. Boston II.

Boston said a message is being sent by faith, business and community leaders following this senseless violence.

"It says, 'This community will not accept that this is normal.' We will find a way forward," Boston said.

"Even though we have to talk through the prism of pain, we're also going to talk through the window of possibility," said 6th Ward Ald. William Hall.

Hall has been leaning hard on his faith after a heavy week of loss in his ward.

"Without faith, nothing is possible. So the work we are doing is centered around love. That is our least-common denominator," Hall said.

Hall has introduced a three-part action plan centered on serving and supporting one another and staying spiritually connected to hopefully reduce violence. He is confident it will work.

"We work together by simply being nosey neighbors. We have to get back to sitting on the porch. We have to get back to looking out the kitchen window. We have to get back to calling each other," Hall said.

As the community prepares to work together, a judge has ordered Pruitt to stay in jail as he awaits trial. He's expected back in court March 19 for preliminary hearing.

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