Jason Knowles
Jason Knowles is well known for warning viewers about the latest rip- offs and schemes. Since he began his work as the station's Consumer Investigative Reporter, he's exposed dozens of alleged con-artists on camera and recovered thousands of dollars for consumers who say they were wronged by large companies and local businesses. He's also uncovered potential Red Light Camera Traps, Real Estate Scams and problems with toxic Lead Paint and Lead Water in our community.

Knowles has also earned a reputation for navigating the latest consumer trends and warning people of problems associated with social media and technology. When he's not on the air, Jason spends his days combing through dozens of calls and emails. He stays in close contact with government agencies and other consumer experts to find stories important to Chicago viewers.

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Knowles was promoted to consumer investigative reporter in January 2014, becoming a member of the station's prestigious I-Team investigative unit. His strong and incisive investigative reporting background, and his in-depth segments as special projects producer at ABC 7, made him the perfect fit for consumer investigative work. Vice President of News and News Director Jennifer graves said, "Jason is a tenacious reporter who knows how to dig up a good story."

Prior to joining the I-Team, Knowles was a morning reporter covering breaking and developing stories in the field every day. He joined ABC 7 Eyewitness News as a reporter in February of 2009, and has covered countless breaking stories which have made national headlines including the Jennifer Hudson family murder trial, Rod Blagojevich's trip to prison, along with both Blagojevich trials. He's also been on top of the Drew Peterson saga, President Obama's visits to Chicago and Oprah Winfrey's final shows. Knowles has also chased down stories and politicians at City Hall and the Dirksen Federal Courthouse as well as covering hearings at the Criminal Courthouse at 26th and California. He's also been able to kick back and have some fun while reporting at the Chicago Air and Water show and at Cubs and Sox home openers.

Knowles and his stories have also been featured in national broadcasts such as Inside Edition and Larry King Live. He also dabbled in acting, as what else, but a reporter in the 2008 movie "The Lucky Ones" starring Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins.

Knowles first came to ABC 7 in 2004 as a special projects producer, where he tracked down exclusive stories for the 10 PM News. He worked closely with ABC 7 Eyewitness news anchors with original consumer warnings and also produced investigative stories for the ABC 7 I-Team.

His favorite ABC 7 experience was traveling to South Africa to cover the opening of Oprah Winfrey's Girls' school. He also field produced for the 2008 Republican National Convention and the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington D.C. for ABC 7. He received an Emmy for his coverage at the inauguration and also has won dozens of awards in his 15 years of working in the television news industry.

Before joining ABC 7 as a producer, Knowles spent eight years on the air as a reporter at various stations including WTVG-TV, the ABC-owned station in Toledo, OH, where he was their Investigative Reporter and Consumer Troubleshooter. He also worked as a reporter and anchor at WKAG-TV in Hopkinsville, KY.

Jason Knowles lives downtown and loves the city life. He loves to enjoy Chicago's lakefront and tries to run by the water as much as possible. When he's not reporting in the morning, Knowles has made it a priority to experience Chicago's amazing restaurants, sights and hot spots with family and friends. Besides keeping up with the Chicago and national news, he loves monitoring the latest in television, movies and pop culture.

Knowles graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and is a native of Cleveland, OH.

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